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An important feature of the wood-aluminum structure, is that it is easy to obtain an effect of two-colored window. Ordering of windows, doors and conservatory with a different color inside and outside does not need anycasement additional payment because such option is a standard taking its structure into consideration. While coating the surfaces of aluminum profiles with the powder paint, we can offer dozens of RAL colors in many shades and structures.

It is also possible to obtain a wood structure on aluminum profile. From the inside we can apply the paint from ALU RON company, designed particularly for painting wooden surfaces within wood-aluminum systems or we can use transparent varnishes from the SIKKENS or the GORI companies.

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Informacje techniczne
• Drewno mahoniowe lub sosnowe, modrzewiowe, świerkowe gat.I, klejone trójwarstwowo
• Jednokomorowe szkło zespolone wypełnione argonem
4- 16-4 Ug= 1,0 W /m2K-1
U = 1,28 W/m2K-1
• Okładzina aluminiowa na skrzydło i ramę od zewnątrz uszczelka przylgowa, możliwa dodatkowo krawędziowa