Softline 78

Mahogany, pine, larch and spruce wood first class with 3 layers or 4.

General Details

Basic materials used in manufacturing process

Mahogany, pine, larch and spruce wood first class with 3 layers or 4.
wood preservatives and layers by Sikkens Company, perfectly protecting wood, fully ecological, in two versions:
Azure – showing wood graining in accordance with colours of Sikkens Company
Protective paint – in accordance with RAL catalogue (without extra charge)
hardware by Maco Company, ensuring exploitation for long time
composite panes with parameters according to client requirements
seal levels by DEVENTER, Q-LON Company
handles by HOPPE, MEDOS

Factory gives 5 years guarantee for carpentry in case of montage by authorized service.

Company does not use any extra charge for unusual measures ( it does not refer to windows of different shapes than rectangular: arched, bends, triangular, rounds, ellipse etc. )

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Technical information

1. Composite 1-chamber glass filled with argon ( heat transfer coefficient U= 0,6)
2. Wood is perfectly protected by preservatives and lacquers by Sikkens Company.
3. Aluminum strip on external side
4. Frame with damp absorber
5. Sealing gasket
6. Rounded lines with  seal
7. First Class wood: mahogany, pine, larch, spruce with three or four layers.
8. Seal sticks to wood frame ( ensure better thermal insulation)
9. Drip cap that makes water drainage more efficient.
10. Extra seal system with silicone