HST 85 mm

Lift and sidle HST doors. Advanced option with a depth of 85 mm and a maximum width of 51 mm glazing allows up any three product configurations, depending on the expected thermal parameters.

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Lift and slide HST 85 mm doors may appear in at least a few different versions and systems of sash frames . The diversity of structures is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution.

Most popular HST doors variants are double leaf casement – with one or both leaf moving – or 4-casement – with the two middle or all of the leaf moving. The solution adopted in HST allows to perform large-size glass with the maximum width of up to 6 meters, and the maximum allowable dimensions of the leaf up to 3000 × 2500 mm.


In HST doors a special window hardware is applied, which guarantee that the leaf move freely and without any resistance relative to each other or to the unopened part of the structure.

In this solution, the sealing is achieved by means of integrated gaskets, which guarantees a high tightness. A suitable sealing of space between the door sash frames moving in the HST at the time when they are in the closed position is ensured by the special arrangement of the overlapping catch equipped with a system of seals.


A new feature in this segment is the modular nature of the structure, so that  HST based on the profiles of 85 mm offers three execution options: Basic, Standard and Premium, with different requirements regarding thermal insulation.

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