Ideal 8000

Awarded with BUDMA 2013 gold medal, Ideal 8000 is a 6-chamber profile system with triple gasket system and the 85 mm installation depth which has the exceptional features.

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Ideal 8000 is a combination of the most up-to-date technical solutions to achieve above-average properties guaranteeing warmth, silence and unique beauty of the window. While designing the system, the emphasis was put primarily on reducing thermal and acoustic parameters. It was possible thanks to an increase of installation depth profiles to 85 mm, 6-chamber construction of profiles and the system of three gaskets.

Heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 1.0 W / m2K achieved in the researches, situates the IDEAL 8000 system among the solutions of fundamental importance for investors interested in energy-saving construction. Expanding glazing rebate allows the use of energy-efficient glazing with a width of 51 mm, which enables to create windows with very low thermal transmittance. Thanks to developing by the third gasket so called “dry chamber” where the hardware work, the strength and the endurance of the mechanisms are increased. It also improves the tightness of the whole structure.

Within the system of Ideal 8000, the combination of two different techniques occur to obtain an above-average level of energy saving by reducing the thermal transmittance of the entire structure of the window. One is that the depth and number of internal chambers can be increased. The second is that there is a possibility to partially resign from the use of steel reinforcements in the sash frames on behalf of “bonding inside” technology involving the inserting an insulating glass unit to the rebate of the window leaf.

Heat transfer coefficient of Uf=1,0 W/m2K puts it among the solutions of fundamental importance for investors interested in energy saving constructions. The possibility of using the energy-efficient glazing with a width of 51 mm allows to create windows with very low thermal transmittance. For example, reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm with glazing of Ug = 0.5 W / m2K achieves a thermal insulation of Uw = 0.76 W / m2K.

In Ideal 8000 system, we also have the possibility of another innovative solution that improves thermal performance and static parameters of the structure – technology of sticking the glass into the “bonding inside” profile. As a result, in such profiles we can partially resign from the use of steel reinforcements in the sash frame. Visible in the rebate glazing, under the glass, layer of special glue applied to the entire circumference of contact between the window and the frame, helps all surfaces of glass to have a proper support, which is not only beneficial for balancing the stresses arising, but also for stabilization of the internal structure of the glass and its resistance from deformation under the influence of forces from external atmospheric phenomena and general usage.


Design so perfect in its form allows to achieve the original architectural solutions. The IDEAL 8000 is characterized by a multiplicity of options in design, mutual compatibility of the profiles, and above all the freedom to choose the most favourable solution. A wide range of decorative foils and the system of aluminum overlays makes it possible to obtain almost any color.

Innovation, modernity and a large selection of structural solutions offered in Ideal 8000 series, have been recognized by experts, who awarded the system with a Gold Medal 2013.


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Informacje techniczne

Specyfikacja techniczna – system IDEAL 8000



Głębokość zabudowy: 85 mm
Szerokość zestawu rama/skrzydło: 119 mm
Maksymalna grubość pakietu szybowego: 51 mm
Ilość komór: 6
System uszczelnienia: środkowe (3 uszczelki)
System wzmocnienia: stal
Dostępna stylistyka profili: classic-line, round-line, design
Współczynnik przenikania ciepła: Uf= 1,0 W/m2K
Odporność na działanie wiatru: C4*
Wodoszczelność: 9A*
Przepuszczalność powietrza: 4*
Izolacyjność akustyczna z pakietem szybowym 4/16/4 34(-2;-5)dB
Maksymalna izolacyjność akustyczna: 46(-1;-4)dB*
Technologia bonding inside: tak
Możliwość pianowania: tak
Wymienne uszczelki: tak

* podane wartości właściwości użytkowych są maksymalnymi, które uzyskano w badaniach