Veka Softline

Multi-chamber system with a depth of 82 mm. Excellent heat transfer coefficient for the whole window: Uw ≥ 0.7 W / m2K

  • Gently contoured shapes. Lower height of the construction allows for better illumination of the flat.
  • Multi-chamber construction. Three chambers provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Two-surface gaskets fitted with a slope of 15 degrees connect with the profile and provide excellent drainage.
  • A special gasket with chamber prevents the penetration of moisture and air.
  • The wall thickness of the profile conforms with the RAL.
  • Perfectly smooth surfaces made out of material that is absolutely resistant to weather conditions and ageing, do not require painting.
  • 13 mm rebate allows using stronger hardware elements
  • Special design of the sash frame ensures perfect static and safety.
  • Additional strengthening of the frame provides a stable mounting of hardware elements.
  • Excellent drainage is provided by special design of the front chamber of the frame.
  • Triple gasket composition with inner, middle and outer gasket insulates noise, humidity, cold and drafts. Central gasket is reliably attached to the frame.